PM Modi's historic Israel visit: Things to look forward to

PM Modi is set to become the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Israel with his 3 day visit commencing tomorrow. It has always been bewildering that none of the former Indian PMs found it necessary to visit Israel which has always been a staunch supporter of India's development and well-being. In hindsight, Israel has always supported India in both its good and bad times. But now all that is in the past and PM Modi's visit is set to make history.
Here are some points to know and look forward to when it comes to this symbolic visit:-

1. PM Modi's visit is aimed at honoring 25 years of establishment of diplomatic ties between the two countries and will include discussions between him and Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu to explore ways to enhance co-operation between two countries.

2. India is currently Israel's biggest arms market buying weapons worth $1 billion each year. Defence will therefore be on top of the agenda for both countries with India striving to modernize its military strength to counter its erring neighbours.

3. PM Modi will also pay a visit to 26/11 Mumbai terror attack survivor Holtzberg Moshe, who was only 2 when he was saved by his Indian nanny during the attack. Moshe's father and mother were among the 8 Israel Nationals killed in the terror strike.

4.The Israel Prime Minister will host a dinner for PM Modi tomorrow. He will be accompanying PM Modi to most of he events including the community reception scheduled for 5th July.

5. India will also be aiming to boost its food security asking Israel to expand the 26 agriculture expertise structure that Israel has set up in 15 Indian states to increase output of the crops.

6. The Israel Cabinet on Sunday approved many decisions signalling its commitment towards betterment of ties between the countries. Those included establishment of 40 US dollars joint fund to encourage Israeli and Indian business cooperation and a joint government project in the fields of water and agriculture.

7. A deal with Uttar Pradesh government is also likely to be signed for the cleaning of  a patch of river Gange.

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