DRDO develops black box that can self-eject, save vital data

Air crash investigations have always revolved around the data provided by black boxes. However in many accidents these boxes become very difficult and cumbersome to locate. Even in cases where they are located sometimes they are severely damaged. This proves to be a major hindrance in immediate rescue and investigation.

Considering these shortcomings, R&D agency Defence Research Development Organization has now developed a self-ejectable black box. The device ejects from the aircraft when it sinks after an accident and self activates when it comes in contact with water, with a homing signal that can help rescuers easily locate it.  The product can be used for both planes as well as submarines and has been developed as a part of the 'Make in India' initiative.

Officials said that the product uses technology currently used in detecting torpedoes. An official said, "BSAT (Ejectable Black Box Recorder with Satellite Transmitter) will eject the moment aircraft touches the water and floats on the surface. It can also be tethered to the flight so that some of the debris can be retrieved."

This product is imperative as most of the air routes are over water and the ejection technology will prevent the black box from getting damaged. It has already received allowance of patent in US and Russia.

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