India and France co-host the first International Solar Alliance Summit

India and France are co-hosting the first international solar alliance(ISA) summit in New Delhi today. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French president Emmanuel Macron inaugurated the summit. The aim of the alliance is to promote solar energy and reduce the use of fossil fuels in sunshine-rich countries.
For today's summit, 23 heads of state, senior representatives of many countries, including deputy prime ministers and energy ministers have confirmed their participation. It was India who had founded the International Solar Alliance after the Paris accord on climate change. India has also set an ambitious target of having 100 GW of solar energy capacities by 2022. In January India reached 20 GW capacity
France and India are likely to sign a technology transfer agreement on solar energy at the ISA summit. Till now the alliance has been in its founding stage and has only launched a credit risk mitigation initiative.
PM Modi in his speech said, "This tiny plant of the ISA could not be planted without the joint efforts and commitment of all of you present here. I am very grateful to France and to all you for making this possible. Of the 121 potential countries, 61 have already joined the ISA, 32 have ratified the framework agreement."

"To promote the use of solar energy, the availability of technology and development, economic resources, reduction in prices, development of  storage technology, mass manufacturing and innovation require a complete eco system"

He added, "In India we have started the World's largest renewable energy expansion program. We will generate 175 GW of electricity from renewable resources of energy by 2022, of which 100 GW will be from solar power. This the way we will be able to achieve what ancient monks used to pray for when they said 'Tamaso ma Jyatirgamaya' which means, from darkness, lead me to light"

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