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The Flourishing India webpage is created to spread positivity among the Indians .The aim is to depict and concentrate on the positives of India .We hereby announce that the content posted on this page is solely ours and we have mentioned the sources wherever possible.If anybody or any organization have any copyright issue or problem with the content they can approach us. Email us at and we will definitely give our ears to any issue.

Since we firmly believe in spreading positivity we will allow any Indian to use our content for spreading the same , but before doing so please contact us .
We hereby ensure that any personal information of a user like email id ,phone no, etc registered with us will be kept private and won't be shared with anyone .However if any cyber crime or any other unavoidable situation is generated then it may be shared with the investigation agencies .

We use data collection device like ‘cookies’.They contain information about  user behavior sources,redirect links(from where the user is been redirected ), time spent on the page and activities on the page.This helps us to provide the user with a better experience and us with important statistical data.
We hereby reserve all the rights to make any changes in the Privacy Policy , so visit the Privacy policy from time to time to get updated.We hereby also declare that we don't hold any responsibility of any content provided by the links on our website because they are a separate identity and have nothing to do with us.

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